Three men painfully seek rehabilitation through a radical process of cathartic storytelling before getting released from one of California’s most violent and overcrowded prisons.

Soledad is a feature length documentary that cinematically examines whether a radical new rehabilitation program can make a difference in the personal lives of prisoners inside a level four maximum security prison. For an inmate with a life sentence and two others approaching their release dates the Council offers a first hard look inward: facilitating private group conversations in a room removed from the maelstrom of the yard. It is here that hardened men learn to share their stories and from their catharsis emerge prison leaders, caring fathers and husbands, ministers of faith, and the genesis of a worldwide movement.

Director: Cassidy Friedman

Producer: Glen Zipper & Carmen Delaney

Cinematographer: Carmen Delaney

Editor: Kevin Oliver

Composer: Tyler Stirckland